in responding to sexual abuse

The Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center provides a victim-focused response to abuse so children and families are able to heal.

We coordinate investigations with law enforcement, child protection agencies, prosecutors, mental health and medical professionals, and victim advocates to work together when investigating allegations of child sexual abuse in Delaware County.

The Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center is a program of Family Support Line, an organization dedicated to preventing and treating child sexual abuse in Delaware County for over 25 years.

News & Events

August 29, 2016

Delco Children’s Advocacy Center Wins Praise!

Surrounded by staff, supporters, MDIT members, and community leaders we unveiled our full accreditation plaque from the National Children’s Alliance. We are so proud of this accomplishment. Many worked hard to make this service available for our children. Please read more about the unveiling via the Daily Times piece here. If you would like to help victims of abuse, our center has naming rights. A simple […]
August 29, 2016

Look Who Is In The Red!

Look Who Is In the Red…. Congratulations Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center(DCCAC) -a National Children’s Alliance Fully-Accredited CAC! Thank you FSL/DCCAC Staff and our Board for years of hard work. We are giving children in Delco a safe place to tell their story. Since opening in April 2015, we have serviced over 450 children. We continue to be inspired by the strength of the children who […]
August 29, 2016

Interrogating Sex Offenders: The Dynamics of The Interview

Today, the Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center welcomed Jerry O’Callaghan a Special Agent with the FBI who led a training “Interrogating Sex Offenders: The Dynamics of The Interview” to 40 professionals from law enforcement, district attorney’s office and children and youth services in Delaware County. The attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of the tactical procedures to implement during interviews with sex offenders. Jerry O’Callaghan has been […]

The Community Connection Blog

October 16, 2017

Child Pornography: Three Questions

Rarely a day goes by without another headline announcing an arrest for possession of child pornography.   Shock – horror – outrage – disgust – all are common reactions as people think about the accused.  Especially if the person doesn’t fit the stereotype of the creepy old man who can’t function in society.  (Most possessors don’t.) The images involved may be of child sexual abuse that took […]
October 3, 2017

A Time to Fight Stigma: Mental Illness Awareness Week

“Nothing happened. She’s just mad and trying to get him in trouble. She’s always lying. You can’t believe a word she says.” These harsh words were said about a survivor named Liza by someone named Alex, a mental health professional who was meant to help Liza after she had been sexually assaulted. Why didn’t Alex believe Liza’s report of assault? Because Liza has a history of serious, chronic mental illness. Alex […]
September 26, 2017

The Gender Revolution

The first question we are asked when we come into this world is often: Is it a boy or a girl? This question begins a multitude of assumptions for the individual. These assumptions include their favorite color, the sports they will play, the job they will have, and who they will date. This is all within a matter of seconds upon entering the world. This past […]